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Hard Wood

Many new homeowners love the richness and beauty that can only come from Hardwood floors. Our Hardwood floor selection cannot be matched. We have all types of wood and finishes that can perfectly match your cabinets and other design elements in your new home.
In most cases, hardwood is more expensive than carpet. However, they require less maintenance, last longer in many cases and can be repaired instead of being replaced.

Natural hardwood floors are sustainable since it comes from a naturally occurring resource such as trees. Most people add Harwood flooring to their new homes because of its unparalleled beauty. When compared to traditional carpeting, Natural hardwood floors can increase the value of your new home.

Benefits of Harwood Flooring

  • Safe and Clean – Does not hide particulate matter and softer than tile.
  • Sustainable – Comes from trees which can be regrown.
  • Unmatched Beauty -Hardwood never goes out of style for its beauty.
  • Easily Repaired – If damaged can easily be sanded and refinished.
  • Low Maintenance -Resistant to spills and stains and cleaned with a mop.
  • Good for Allergy Sufferers – Does not collect dirt, dust, and grime.